Dashboard Wireframe Kit

The all new Dashboard Wireframe Kit

Now anyone can wireframe dashboards and tell compelling stories with data

Introducing the Dashboard Wireframe Kit

The Dashboard Wireframe Kit is a proven and tested means of rapidly wireframing dashboards to align your data with the needs of the business, meet user goals and achieve actionable outcomes.

Simplified communication to all stakeholders

Come one, come all — seasoned data guru or never-touched-data-before — the Dashboard Wireframe Kit allows you to quickly communicate ideas and test the most complex of concepts.

The perfectly designed change agent

Crafted from years of analytics consulting projects, visualization best practices and real-world application

Proven Formula
Proven Formula

We’ve taken the guesswork out of how to layout the enterprise dashboard. Our dashboard template is based on the solid foundation hundreds of real-world operational dashboards. It provides the canvas to tell stories with your data.

Business Value
Business Value

By having a questions-first approach, rather than flooding the dashboard with data, we have formalized achieving business value into the kit itself. Priority is given to solving business problems and answering questions, assuming the data is there to support it.

Behavioral Change
Behavioral Change

There’s not much point seeing data if you can act on it when you need to. That action needs to be clear and intuitive. By associating an action with each chart the potential to change behavior is much increased.

Technology Independent
Technology Independent

Simplicity is king in enterprise dashboards. That’s why we’ve made sure the wireframes produced in this kit can be easily replicated in all the main dashboard tools including Tableau, Qlik and Power BI.

Storytelling is woven into the fabric

Storytelling is hard, but it does work. The kit structure supports a simple narrative arc

The newly designed dashboard template embeds this storytelling process directly into the board. Just follow the steps on the board and the heavy-lifting is done for you on how to create the narrative from the KPIs to the charts to action and resolution. This makes achieving greater business value that much easier.

Align users and stakeholders with actionable business insight.

The Dashboard Wireframe Kit is a simple means of extracting business value from data in a form that is easily understandable, to both non-technical and technical people alike, that provides a clear path to action. All while adhering to basic storytelling principles and applying best practices in data visualization and dashboard design.

It teaches anyone how to extract business value from data and frames a clear path to action. Becoming truly data-driven starts here.

The Dashboard Wireframe Kit is the first-of-its-kind in the data and analytics world; a world that has become highly technical, siloed, and digitally enabled. Yet the tangible, human element is muted to the vast swathe of data — often left to the wayside.

The Dashboard Wireframe Kit puts people back at the helm. It is a means of extracting business value from data in a form that is easily understandable and providing a clear path to action — all the while adhering to essential storytelling principles and applying best practices in data visualization and dashboard design.

Reuse the cards as often as you like using dry erase markers and wipes

Here’s what people who have used the kit are saying

Bryce Marcum
Rated 5 out of 5

The wire-frame kit has already proved useful in all stages of dashboard development, but the kit really shines during the collaborative process when you can actually build the elements of a dashboard in the room with your stakeholders.

John Kuester
Rated 5 out of 5

The ideas in this kit not only help when meeting with our business users, but also within our analytics team. Instead of creating prototype dashboards and then iterating, we can use these templates and iterate on the fly.

Siddhant Kulkarni
Rated 5 out of 5

I was very pleasantly surprised by how much it helped with speeding up the wire-framing process. This tried and tested kit helps you to easily gather requirements and be able to put a wireframe together that will allow you to visually appreciate how well you are doing to get to actionable information while keeping things simple enough for a user to understand.

Jason Culp
Rated 5 out of 5

Ultimately an effective dashboard starts with the right questions, then supports and answers those questions in a logical order. This product seemed to do a great job prompting the user through that process.