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Nicholas Kelly - Dashboard Consultant


Nick has built a career on gaining business insight from data. He is a hands-on leader and dashboard consultant in analytics with over 16 years of international experience spanning management consulting, analytics, data visualization and user experience.

Nick is an experienced management consultant, having implemented analytics projects and strategies spanning small to medium business all the way up to the Global Fortune 100. His experience covers multiple industries including finance, human capital, supply chain and healthcare. Nick is currently the Director of Visual Analytics at Logic20/20. He is a former Associate Director of Deloitte Analytics.

With the experience of hundreds of projects and workshops he has created a bespoke dashboard design and adoption process to ensure far greater business impact with data.

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Nicholas is a regular on the speaking circuit, having carved out a niche the UX of Analytics and data visualization. His focus on dashboards, and making them actionable, is what has made him an in demand international speaker.

The majority of Nick’s speaking engagements are with TDWI where he speaks and teaches at their conferences. For a list of upcoming events with TDWI please visit the TDWI website.


Over the past six years, Nicholas has trained over 5,000 analysts, BI developers, consultants, managers and executives in data visualization and dashboard best practices.

Sessions can be from two hours up to three days in duration. From helping to align teams on processes and best practices to training teams on the Dashboard Wireframe Kit, the topics all focus on making data more valuable.

He has an onsite training program with TDWI called Dashboard Design and Adoption: How to Make Business Impact.

The all new Dashboard Wireframe Kit

Creator of the Dashboard Wireframe Kit

Nick created the kit for a fast way to align users and stakeholders with actionable business insight.

The Dashboard Wireframe Kit makes design of actionable insight accessible to everyone. From non-technical business executives to the deeply technical data scientist, the kit serves as the common language to communicate data needs.

It teaches anyone how to extract business value from data and frames a clear path to action. Becoming truly data-driven starts here.


Natalie Williams
Senior Manager - Deloitte

Natalie Williams
Senior Manager – Deloitte

“Analytics is as much an art as it is a science and Nick has a unique ability to bridge the gap between data science, digital and the generation of measurable, tangible business value. And all with an energetic approach and sprinkle of Irish charm!”


John Kuester
Director – Focus Brands

“I first met Nick at a conference where his session was hands down the best over the 4 days I was there. He introduced the dashboard kit and I was intrigued. Dashboard requirements gathering has always been the most inconsistent part of our methodology and the ideas and concepts in this kit greatly help us in getting to the best design in the shortest time.

The ideas in this kit not only help when meeting with our business users, but also within our analytics team. Instead of creating prototype dashboards and then iterating, we can use these templates and iterate on the fly.”


Siddhant Kulkarni
Senior Developer – TransUnion

“I got hands on experience with this kit at a TDWI conference and I was very pleasantly surprised by how much it helped with speeding up the wire-framing process. This tried and tested kit helps you to easily gather requirements and be able to put a wireframe together that will allow you to visually appreciate how well you are doing to get to actionable information while keeping things simple enough for a user to understand.

I have been able to use Nick’s templates along with the wireframing practices he presented at the conference to significantly improve our processes.”

Free 30 Minute Call for Quote

Schedule a free 30 minute call to understand your needs and receive a no obligation quotation.