Dashboard Design Workshop

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NickSight Dashboard Design Workshop Overview

The value of data is to manifest when changing behavior through action. That action is communicated through a dashboard — the interface between data and the users.

The focus of the Nicksight Dashboard Design Workshop is to bridge data and action via dashboards while addressing business value, user requirements and data challenges such as data quality.

The Workshop takes place in your offices in a suitable conference room, preferably, with an abundance of whiteboards.

The length of the workshop can vary based on the number of estimated end-users of the dashboard and how many stakeholders are being served.

At the end of the session, you will walk away with all the necessary wire-frames and an actionable plan for the next steps to maximize the dashboard’s potential for user adoption. You’ll even get your own Dashboard Design Kit!

The average Workshop duration is a half day to full day and involves the following activities:

1: Objectives and Success Criteria

Why is this dashboard being created and what are the objectives for it? This first step establishes the goals for the project and the means of measuring the outcomes. It also serves to align the workshop attendees around a common purpose and share the intent of the Workshop.

2: Dashboard Best Practices 101

A quick primer on what makes a dashboard successful. Topics covered include storytelling, human perception, colors, branding, and chart selection. In case there was any doubt, participants can understand the power of visualization to impact behavior.

3: User and Stakeholder Requirements

By leveraging a rapid persona design process, the needs of both the dashboard users and the business stakeholders are mapped out. There will often be several personas (or user groups) that need to be catered to. Because of this, the workshop duration is contextually based on the amount of segmentation is needed to ensure overall dashboard effectiveness.

4: Brainstorming Business Questions

Using the persona-specific dashboard design approach and applying the design-thinking methodology, the gap between the end-user and the business goals narrows. Questions are listed, by persona, that needs to be answered by the dashboard. Questions are then grouped by theme, which becomes the tabs of the dashboard.

5: Mapping of Questions to Available Data

There’s obviously not much point in having a bunch of questions if the data is not available to answer them adequately. This may result in some questions being dropped for later iterations of the dashboard or the form of the question may be changed. We map each validated question from the brainstorm session to the data we have available to ensure there aren’t any gaps.

6: Mapping Validated Questions to Charts

A bit of magic sauce is needed to go from business questions to actionable charts while enabling a basic narrative and providing the user with a direct path to action. Fortunately, the Dashboard Design Kit has a very rapid process to follow that takes hours off this process. We will walk through, using the Kit, how to map those validated questions to the best kind of chart that tells the data story at-a-glance.

7: Wire-framing Using the Dashboard Design Kit tools

The most fun part of our Workshop sessions is applying all the previous steps to create the wireframes. The standard dashboard layout accelerates this step and provides a best practice structure to maximize insight of every dashboard.

8: Implementation Strategy

The Workshop concludes with a strategy and action plan that take the dashboard from wire-frames through development, to user adoption and subsequent iterations. Doing so is no small feat. Fortunately, you will have your own copy of the Dashboard Design Kit to guide you.

What Does a Workshop Cost?

NickSight Dashboard Design Workshop fees average around $10,000, excluding expenses and any travel requirements (international destinations included). Contact Nick for a more customized and accurate quote.

What’s next?

Simply complete the form to receive a Workshop quote. Rather than spin your wheels and have more dashboard failures, build with confidence. Get your customized workshop quote from Nick today!

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