Insight Analyst

2 Modules 2 Chapters 35 Lessons Easy

About this course

Insight Analyst is a 6-week online course with physical kits and workbooks, live Q&A calls and extensive templates. It shows you how to successfully gather requirements for dashboards and reports.

Course Structure

2 Chapters

Module 1: Insight Strategy & Planning

This module introduces the Enterprise Dashboard Process, the overall philosophy and the approach that will be followed throughout the course. It forms the foundation for successful dashboard adoption. Key concepts include what the process is, how to apply it and how it can apply to your own situation through application to a real-world dashboard you will be working through on the course.

Course Overview 9 Lessons

Course Overview - Introduction

Welcome to the Insight Analyst course! Jump in right away with the world famous Insight Burger example to illustrate what you will learn on this course.

Course Overview - What is the Problem?

What are the leading reasons for dashboards not being successful?

  • Not understanding user needs
  • Failure to create business value
  • Being in reactive mode
  • Poor adoption
  • Lack consistent standards

Course Overview - Meet Your Trainer

Meet Nicholas Kelly, your instructor for the Insight Analyst course.

Course Overview - Elements of Success

What does it take to be successful in analytics and Business Intelligence?

Course Overview - Team Success Variables

Measuring the success criteria for you and your team.