Analytics projects fail for many reasons. Critical reasons include negative user experience, poor adoption, and insufficient stakeholder buy-in. These points of friction manifest at the user interface level, namely the dashboard and the people using it. As the chasm between the personal/consumer user experience and the enterprise user experience grows, so too does the disaffection for business interfaces.

Dashboards are often designed by the dashboard developer, just as the software interfaces of the past were created by the software developers—when good software meant lots of features. Modern UX practices have abstracted complexity from the user interface, and that shift must also happen for analytics and business intelligence.

Service offerings are executed through Logic2020.

Dashboard Design

This offering takes a practical approach to addressing enterprise dashboard design, ensuring dashboards bring value to the business and allow actionable insights for the users. Through a tried and tested process that consists of user/stakeholder interviews, workshops, design and data visualization best practices the resulting dashboard is one that meets the goals of the business while supporting the users. Bridging data and profit.

Dashboard Adoption

Discovery, feedback and improvement of dashboards are seriously hampered without the right sharing platform, process and strategy in place. Getting the dashboard built is 50% of the journey. Users must be able to find it, act on it and share those insights in order to extract value and uplift the business. Doing so generates the feedback necessary to create the next iteration of the dashboard to continually evolve the organization as the user needs change.

Dashboard Design Kit

The dashboard design kit bridges the gap between data and the business. It is a distillation of year’s of experience into a well-defined board game that becomes and invaluable tool for data scientists, business analysts and developers to design their own dashboards without the need for engaging management consultants, workshops and other pricey, albeit valuable, services.

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