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Experience the same impact as these companies

There are three training offerings to choose from, for maximum flexibility

Free Webinar

Who is it for: Individuals and companies
What is it: A regular webinar, hosted by Nick, where he introduces the Enterprise Dashboard Process and goes into detail on each step in the process.
Why attend: This industry best practice approach will help you be more successful at your job by applying a proven methodology to increasing user adoption of dashboards.

Online Training

Who is it for: Individuals
What is it: A comprehensive 8-hour course covering the entire dashboard process from objectives and interviews, through wireframing, to development, training and adoption.
Why take the course: This is the training Nick has been known for internationally. It makes people into dashboard rockstars. It is now in an online format so no need to fly to the next three day event to cover the same material.

Onsite Training

Who is it for: Companies
What is it: A menu of onsite training options spanning from a half day session, a full day, two days and three days. The trainings can be customized to your needs.
Why take the course: Nothing beats onsite delivery. These sessions are highly interactive and your team will work on their own challenges during the session and walk away with tangible next steps they can directly apply to their work.

Natalie Williams
Senior Manager, Deloitte

“Nick has worked for many years in the analytics field, both inside and outside of Deloitte. His work has been consistently underpinned by two core themes – making the insights you and your company can get from data accessible through well thought out and intuitive visual assets; and integrating those visual assets (such as dynamic dashboards) with existing platforms and processes to help business leaders take action on the insights.

Analytics is as much an art as it is a science and Nick has a unique ability to bridge the gap between data science, digital and the generation of measurable, tangible business value. And all with an energetic approach and sprinkle of Irish charm!”
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